Do some dancin’ for a good cause

Many of you know Forklift Danceworks for their beautiful community choreography at Bartholomew Swims, Dove Springs Swims, and Givens Swims.  Nationally recognized and awarded, this homegrown group has put immeasurable energy and love into the last three years’ worth of programming to highlight Austin’s swimming pools and the people who keep them running, centering each performance around the pool’s history and community–many of whom participate in the dance.

This Saturday night, support Forklift if you can by purchasing tickets to their 10th annual Studio 54rklift Disco Dance and fundraiser, so they can keep activating communities through their uniquely collaborative creative process.  If you can’t attend, check out their silent auction or other ways to donate to this awesome Austin organization. Click the link below:

Forklift Danceworks: Studio 54 Disco Dance and fundraiser



The City Council approved an additional $1.8 million for Aquatics maintenance, bringing the annual Aquatics budget to $9.8 million for the 2018-2019 cycle.

In November 2018, Austin voters approved $40 million in bonds for Aquatics to renovate and build long-term projects to better serve citizens.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to preserve our pools.

Spreading the love

Greater and Greener 2019, an International Urban Parks Conference presented by City Parks Alliance, based in Washington, DC, has invited Laura to speak about the work of Love Austin Pools. She’ll be on a panel in Denver, Colorado, in July, talking about the efforts of LAP volunteers and the alliances we formed to help save our pools.  More info about the conference is here: Greater and Greener

Our Parks, Our Future Community Mtgs

The Austin Parks and Recreation Department has launched Our Parks, Our Future, PARD’s Long Range Plan for the growth of the park system. Community meetings will be held Nov. 8-14 all across that city. We need the help our park partners to get the word out!

We have put together a Promotion Kit, which has everything you need to help us promote the meetings including links to flyers and social media guides.

Thank you for your assistance and please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Best regards,

PARD Long Range Plan Team

Our Parks, Our Future 2018-2028 is PARD’s Long Range Plan for Land, Facilities and Programs (LRP).

The LRP will focus on the vision for Austin’s Park System in 2028, PARD’S 100th anniversary.

To find out more and to get involved, visit

Please note: E-mail correspondence to and from the City of Austin

is subject to requests for required disclosure under the Public Information Act.

Make your voice heard.

The most important thing we can do in the next month is to talk to neighbors, friends, and family: Inform them and encourage them to VOTE. On the ballot in November are not only national elections, but a lot of issues that matter close to home.  I am attaching the information about what bonds are up for a vote, and how they break down. Pools are up for $40 million, as part of the Parks & Recreation bond.

The budget covers regular annual maintenance, and Council voted to up that amount to $9.8 million, last I heard. Austin’s new City Manager Cronk suggested increases to the fees at municipal pools–those already charging–to help pay for the budget increase. Already you may have noticed Barton Springs and Deep Eddy are charging $5 instead of $3 for residents. The City does not plan to charge at neighborhoods pools.

The bond money goes for long-term projects, however. On the bond-money wish list for Aquatics are upgrades for existing pools, as well as a new Colony Park Pool, and a complete renovation for Givens, both located in historically underserved neighborhoods distant from other existing pools.

Thanks to everyone for all your help.  Let’s get out the VOTE now!

2018 Bond Proposal Info, City of Austin

Pool Party Wrap Up and Call to Vote

Despite a few sheets of rain that whipped through, we had a good turnout for the Labor Day Pool Party! Thanks to Friends of Deep Eddy for co-hosting, to the Aquatics staff and lifeguards, to Forklift Dance, to the North Austin Rivermaids, to the water polo coach, the Reveleros and the Minor Mishap Marching Band! We were honored to have Mayor Pro Tem Kathie Tovo and Council Member Alison Alter speak about the pools, with surprise guest appearances by Mayor Adler and mayoral candidate Laura Morrison.

Special thanks to each of you in Love Austin Pools who took the time to speak out, sit in meetings, collect signatures, write or call Council this year.  Thanks to those who staffed the LAP table at the Pool Party (esp Brittney, Susan A, Patricia and Al, Randeen,  Karen, Alison, Steve, and Brenda), who spoke all afternoon to folks interested in learning more about the budget and upcoming bond election.  We have come a long way since our initial letters against closing 14 of the 34 Austin pools!

The annual budget (regular maintenance) for Aquatics is up 1.7% to $9.8 million dollars this fall, and the bond proposal (under the Parks & Recreation section) allots $40 million to pools for long-term projects like renovation and rebuilt or new pools for underserved areas–a far cry from closing 14 of the 34.

Please remember to vote in the upcoming bond election (bonds will be on the ballot of the general November election), and consider casting your ballot for the Parks & Recreation bond.

You guys are a great team!

Help spread pool love

Austin’s Aquatics oversees about 30 public pools, though several have closed or are in danger of closing. See our Resources tab for specific information on budget/bonds.

As City Council reps and Mayor Adler make budget and bond decisions this summer, they need to hear from their constituents. They are discussing in June the budget for the coming year (operations and maintenance) and potential bond issues (funding for new and longer-term projects). Below is the list of  City Council reps and phone numbers for each district and the pools in each district; second names are staff who address pools.

When contacting representatives, explain how you use the pools and why they are important to the community. Consider explaining your perspective on how pools foster community, affordability, health, swim safety, youth swim lessons and teams, historic or community value, and other issues.

If you are willing to table-sit to spread the word at some of the pools in underserved areas this summer, let Steve or Laura know possible times and locations. We would like to reach out to residents in districts where Council Reps are undecided–Houston, Casar, Garza, Renteria, and Troxclair, in particular–to make sure those residents know how to make their voices heard.  We have posters, a table, information and popsicles!

A few talking points:

  • Pools act as a neighborhood hub as our city continues to grow and expand, encouraging newcomers and long-timers to interact to keep Austin friendly and connected.
  • Pools provide inexpensive (or free!) outdoor recreation to all ages, ethnicities, economic levels–especially important as cost-of-living rises in Austin.
  • Pools provide opportunities for physical fitness and mental well-being. Many pools host summer swim teams for hundreds of Austin kids and teens.
  • Pools offer swim lessons and practice, crucial safety skills.
  • Pools offer safety training for emergency responders and for lifeguards, along with jobs.
  • Pools were the reason many of us selected and stayed in our homes, despite rising taxes.
  • Not all pools need expensive upgrades to include lilypads or slides.
  • A number of our pools have historical significance.

Use this link to email all city council members and the mayor:

Mayor Adler, 512-978-2100

District 1 (Ora Houston), 512-978-2101

Dottie Jordan
Kealing (closed)

District 2 (Delia Garza/Jackie Goodman), 512-978-2102

Dove Springs

District 3 (Pio Renterio), 512-978-2103

Mabel Davis Municipal (closed)
Civitan (closed?)
Parque Zaragoza

District 4 (Greg Casar), 512-978-2104

Bartholomew Municipal
St. John’s (closed)

District 5 (Ann Kitchen), 512-978-2105

Barton Springs Municipal
Garrison Municipal

District 6 (Jimmy Flannigan), 512-978-2106

Canyon Vista

District 7 (Leslie Pool) 512-978-2107

Northwest Municipal
Walnut Creek Municipal

District 8 (Ellen Troxclair/Brian), 978-2108

Dick Nichols

District 9 (Kathie Tovo/Ashley Richardson), 512-978-2109

Big Stacy
Shipe (closed)
West Austin
Palm (closed)

District 10 (Alison Alter/Kurt), 512-978-2110,

Deep Eddy Municipal
West Enfield