Love Austin Pools

Updates: Budget & Bonds

We tried to give everyone a breather, after our advocacy from June to January.  Now we need to get back into the saddle!  Coming up in May-June are talks about the upcoming bond election, as well as discussions of the city budget.

Austin Parks Foundation spoke with Steve and me after LAP’s success in January and is willing to help LAP with any fundraising and already has done some polling on behalf of pools. Thanks to APF for their support! In return, please find ways to be supportive of their organization. One thing we can do is show up for Adopt-a-Park and other programs to help spread the word that pools are an important part of Austin’s parks and communities.

LAP is now looking for “captains” for each of Austin’s districts. This captain simply needs to stay aware of issues and town halls in your city council district and keep LAP aware so we can help rally support for district town halls or write notes to City Councilmembers. With the 10-district Council, it is important to encourage support from ALL areas of town, so that our voices continue to be heard.  We are starting to think about how we might encourage support of pools in the budget and bond processes, and your ideas are welcome.

Working toward securing historical status for appropriate pools/park features is a crucial means of funding those locations, so let Susan know if you would like to help with that.

LAP already has support from many districts, but we are hoping to reach out to a wider audience now, to let folks know why pools are an integral part of our communities.  Please touch base with us, via, or reach out directly to me or to Steve, if you have interest in acting as a district captain or thoughts about how to convey our ideas to a wider audience.