Budget and Bond Talks Now!

Hey, LAP friends,

The City is beginning to discuss the year’s budget (daily operational costs) as well as the bond issues (longer-term projects).  We need to reach out to neighbors, neighborhood associations, friends, and others who use the pools and let them know their voices matter. It is critical that each of the City Council representatives hear what is on their constituents’ minds. Via email, phone calls, or personal visits, Austinites need to tell their City Council representatives about their experiences with the local pools and that our pools are an important part of making Austin a livable city.  We are all aware of the need for affordable housing and support those initiatives, but we also believe the pools enhance the quality of life here, for many residents.

Pools provide healthy, low-cost (or free) recreation for families and youths. Pools are necessary for children to learn to swim. Pools serve as community hubs to keep Austin connected and friendly. Please share your thoughts about our pools with City Council and Mayor Adler! They need to hear from you.



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